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Wednesday 16 May 2018

TimeHome TeamShirtsAway TeamLocation
6:00pmFriendly Kickers v Los PrimosCU Raven Road (1)
6:00pmTeam No-Show v The TigersCU Raven Road (2)
6:00pmGet Off Matip v Simba FC CU Raven Road (3)
6:30pmEDC FC v For Fuchs SakeHornets Nest (2)
7:00pmEternal Dragons v Freaks & Geeks FCCU Raven Road (1)
7:00pmDeadly-ish Panthers of Death v Not Fast, Just FuriousCU Raven Road (2)
7:00pmMisfits v HotspursCU Raven Road (3)
7:00pmBieber My Balls XXVI v Yellow Cards Hornets Nest (1)
7:00pmBlack Mambas 2.0 v FC BundesautobahnHornets Nest (3)
7:30pmBall Busters v FPTPLouis Riel (1)
7:30pmLoad Shirt FC v What a Save! FCLouis Riel (2)
7:30pmSmall Furry Creatures v The FellowshipLouis Riel (3)
8:00pmRangers v Ouate de phoqueCU Raven Road (1)
8:00pmTap That Pass v On the MendyCU Raven Road (2)
8:00pmC-United v Messi BunchCU Raven Road (3)
8:00pmThe Other Team v L'EquipeHornets Nest (2)
8:30pmWe are legion v Hakuna MatataHornets Nest (1)
8:30pmFC Orleans v Gryffinscore & Slytherwin XIIHornets Nest (3)
9:00pmAlcoballics v Lynx FCCU Raven Road (1)
9:00pmGoonies v Ranchos Cucamungos FCCU Raven Road (2)
9:00pmWelch FC v ScoregasmsCU Raven Road (3)
9:00pmNoxious weeds v International LoversLouis Riel (1)
9:00pmOttawa Wanderers v XSporting FCLouis Riel (2)
9:00pmWM 3143 v Pizza Party Louis Riel (3)
9:30pmKickpunchers XXIII v Hooligans Hornets Nest (2)
10:00pmDeep Threat v FC KopenbadlyCU Raven Road (1)
10:00pmThe Blueberries v Rush HourCU Raven Road (2)
10:00pmSuperfriends United FC v The Green TeamCU Raven Road (3)
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