Immaculata High School Field Opens This Tuesday
31 August 2018 @ 12:01 PM by Chris Surgeoner

Hi everyone,

It's finally here. For months we've been looking forward to seeing games kick-off on the new field at Immaculata High School, and this coming Tuesday after the long weekend will be the big day!

The field is finished and ready to go, the turf looks absolutely magnificent, the goals are in place and we are raring to go. The first group on there will be the Immaculata High School students during the day and then our sold out Tuesday men's league will kick off at 6pm.

It's Not Too Late to Get on the New Turf

We still have some spaces in some of our upcoming leagues at Immaculata so its not too late to get on the field and enjoy the late summer/early fall weather at the new premium venue. As always, team and individual registration is available.


  • Wednesday at Immaculata HS
  • Thursday at Immaculata HS
  • Friday at Immaculata HS
  • Sunday Afternoons at Immaculata HS


  • Tuesdays at Immaculata HS


  • Monday at Immaculata HS
  • Tuesday at Immaculata HS
  • Sunday at Immaculata HS

Click here for the full list of leagues and details

The new field at Immaculata High School in central Ottawa. The field is located next to the canal at 140 Main Street (just south of Lees Avenue) and it features three 7v7s fields with divider nets between the fields and a premium brand new turf. There is plenty of free parking on site as well as being an ideal location to walk or bike to from anywhere in the centre of Ottawa.

New Partnership with The Senate Tavern on Bank Street: Free Wings and Nachos!

We've just signed up with the refurbished Senate Sports Tavern to bring you a great option for your after match food and drink. Bring your team in after your game, register for their team program and they'll give you free nachos if there are more than 4 of you and free wings and nachos if there are more than 6!

Even better they'll give you back 10% of what your team spends as future credit: ideal for building up for an end of season celebration.

Its in a perfect location for most of our leagues: a few minutes from Carleton U and just down the canal from Immaculata at 1159 Bank Street in Old Ottawa South. Make sure you pop in after your next game:  there's plenty of soccer on the big screen and we thoroughly recommend the food!

If you have any questions about the Immaculata leagues, our mixed 6s and mixed 4s volleyball leagues, our Wednesday ball hockey league or pretty much anything to do with Footy Sevens, drop us an e-mail at

Have a fantastic long weekend everyone and we hope to see you at the new field,




Andrew, Chris, Matt and Joel - Your Ottawa Footy Sevens Team

New Field at Immaculata High School: Playing surface is complete!
7 August 2018 @ 9:38 PM by Chris Surgeoner
Great news on the renovations of our new home at Immaculata High School in central Ottawa. The turf is now completely finished: all of the lines and the logo is in place, the sand and rubber infill have been added and the field groomed to perfection. We walked the field this morning and it is an absolutely perfect surface.
Team Registration for our Fantastic New Soccer Venue Now Open
25 June 2018 @ 8:58 AM by Joel Convery

Hi everyone,

We know you are all caught up in watching World Cup soccer at the moment, but don't forget to grab your space to get out there on the field when the tournament ends.

Team registration is now open for Ottawa Footy Sevens biggest ever summer league line-up! Individual registration opens on Friday.

We have coed, women's and men's leagues available at Ottawa newest 7-a-side venue, the new field at Immaculata High School on Main Street. We'll also be at our other favourite O-town venues at Carleton U, Ben Franklin Dome and the two Gloucester domes.

New Central League Location

The field at Immaculata HS is centrally located and offers great transport options for biking, walking and public transport as well as plentiful free parking in the school car parks. The field will feature FIFA-grade turf, full-length divider nets, LED lighting and is fully lined for 7-a-side soccer, making it the premier outdoor 7vs7 soccer venue in the city.

The first of our summer leagues begin on August 8th with most beginning late August or early-September.

Our Summer League Options:

Click here for the full list of leagues and details

Coed Outdoor Soccer:

Over 35s Coed Soccer Division

Coed Indoor Soccer:

Women's Outdoor Soccer:

Men's Outdoor Soccer:

Volleyball & Floor Hockey Leagues:

Looking to play expand your rec sport horizons? Check out our Ottawa Volley Sixes leagues. We'll be offering Volleyball and Floor Hockey this fall and details will be online in July at the Volley sixes website.

We may even have some Flag Football going on under the Friday night lights at Carleton U: e-mail if you are interested in joining us for Flag Football.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us an email at

Have a great summer everyone,

The Ottawa Footy Sevens Team

Footy Sevens Announces New 7v7 Venue and Summer League Registration
25 June 2018 @ 8:58 AM by Joel Convery

Hello Footy-Seven-ers!

New League Location in Central Ottawa

Footy Sevens are delighted to announce a great new venue for our leagues in central Ottawa: the new FIFA-grade turf field at Immaculata High School.

We've been working alongside the Ottawa Catholic School Board to provide a much needed upgrade to the school's sports field. An upgraded FIFA-grade turf sports field, running track and LED floodlights will provide an ideal venue for our leagues in a fantastic location.

The 7-a-side fields will be fully lined, played on the latest generation of turf and be separated by end-to-end divider netting, making it the premier outdoor 7-a-side venue in the city.

The field is located at 140 Main Street, between Main Street and the canal. It's a great location to get to without having to get in the car: easily accessible by bike or on foot via the canal and river pathways and the cycle lanes on Main Street and a 10 minute walk from the Lees Transit/Confederation Line station. It provides a excellent location for those that live or work in central Ottawa. For those of you that are coming by car there is also plentiful free parking available at the field in the school parking lots. And if you are looking to grab a bite to eat or drink after the game, there are some great local options as well as the patios of Elgin Street a short walk away.

Work is well underway on the field improvements, and it is scheduled for completion in late August. It's an exciting time for us, and something we have been working towards for many years and we hope that it provides an ideal option for many of you for your weekly footy!

Summer League Registration Opens Next Week

The first Footy Sevens leagues at the fantastic new venue will be part of our the upcoming late summer/early fall soccer season. We'll have coed, women's and men's leagues available, all kicking off in late August and early September at both the new field and at Carleton U, the Gloucester Domes and Ben Franklin Dome. We're just crossing the t's and dotting the i's on the leagues. Some of them can already be found on our website and the full line-up will be online by Monday.

Full details of all of summer leagues will be available soon on the Footy Sevens Website.

Key Dates:

  • Monday 18th of June: Captain's Pre-sale Opens
  • Wednesday 20th June: Public Registration Opens for Teams
  • Friday 22nd June: Individual Registration Opens
Have a fantastic summer everyone,

See you on the field,

The Footy Sevens Team

Issues with Outlook / Hotmail and other Microsoft email accounts
13 March 2018 @ 8:49 AM by Joel Convery

We had some enquiries recently from users who have outlook / hotmail accounts (and other email addresses falling under the Microsoft umbrella).  

Please read this full message if you think you aren't receiving our emails.

They had been complaining that certain emails (team notices, fixture reminders) weren't reaching their inbox anymore, not even in the junk or spam folder.  We had no bouncebacks on these emails and by all measures at our end they have been delivered successfully.

Microsoft has a number of extra measures in place that filter emails before they reach the user, things we have ZERO control over and it can get a little frustrating trying to track it down.  We have raised a support request, but who knows if anything will come of that.

If you think you are having these issues we suggest you add the domain to the list of safe senders in your mail configuration as this seems to help. 

I was going to send an email out about this, but the irony / paradox that it wouldn't reach those that need to do this was not lost.

Issues With Website Emails
1 September 2017 @ 1:41 PM by Joel Convery
We've been having some issues with our website emails recently, where some emails have been going out multiple times.  We're working to fix the problem and apologise for any inconvenience.
Parking Issues @ Hornets Nest
12 August 2014 @ 4:15 PM by Joel Convery

If players are having issues parking at Hornets Nest for the earlier evening games, please consider using the Louis Riel parking instead and walking across the road.  We've had reports that it can get pretty congested over there with all the youth leagues going on in the 6-8pm range.

Weather Policies For Games
11 June 2014 @ 2:33 PM by Joel Convery


Had a couple of emails today asking if the games will still be taking place in light of the weather.  Just to re-iterate our policies.

All games will take place, rain, snow or shine unless you receive a message from us to the contrary. 

If your teams is unable to make the game, try and use the "Contact Captain" functionality on the website to let your opponent know, but you will have to forfeit the game as a result.

Forfeit Policy
5 May 2014 @ 2:53 PM by Joel Convery

We've had a few questions from teams in recent weeks who have been on the receiving end of forfeits, where teams just haven't turned up for their game.  We're starting to draft up a simple policy / procedure for how we think this should be handled, when the team knows in advance that they can't make it.  We appreciate how frustrating this can be.

Forfeit Policy

Whilst we appreciate that on occasion it may be difficult to field a squad for a given game, we would appreciate it if teams could show some common courtesy to their opponents if they aren't going to turn up for a given game.  Simply not turning up to a game without some form of notice is unacceptable.  If you have exhausted all avenues to be able to field team, we suggest the following procedure:

  1. Make an attempt to contact your opposing team captain.  This can be done in the "My Team --> Contact Other Captains" feature of the website.
  2. Drop an email to the league via stating that your team cannot make it.
  3. Consider contacting the captains of the teams that play immediately before and after your games to see if they would be willing to play a second game so that your opponent has the option to still play a game.  If possible keep your opponent and the league admin in the loop on these emails.

Always try to give your opponent and the league as much advance notice of a forfeit as possible, this gives them/us more time to find a replacement team.  Any team that forfeits a game automatically receives a 3-0 scoreline against them.  Teams that consistently forfeit games may be asked to leave the league or have other sanctions placed against them.   

INTERAC ® Online Payments Now Supported
13 December 2013 @ 11:27 AM by Joel Convery

We just recently got approved to take INTERAC ® Online payments which have now been integrated into the website for registration and team balance payments.  Unlike INTERAC via Email payments (which we still accept) this allows you to make an immediate payment direct through your online banking with notifcation passed straight back to us, funds immediately transferred and registration spots immediately secured (no more having to send email transfers, passwords etc).  

INTERAC ® Online is supported by the big 4 banks and is secure.  For those institutions that don't suport it, INTERAC via email is still offered.  You'll see the option to pay by this method in all of the payment areas of the website. To learn more about INTERAC ® Online click the following link

Reminder to all Louis Riel Teams - Access to fields and running track
23 September 2013 @ 3:34 PM by Joel Convery


Now that the dome is starting to fill up for fall/winter, not just with soccer players but with members of the athletics club, we'd like to remind all players to be considerate of the all the other users out there.

We have always had the information posted here on the website about how players should access the field whilst the tracks are in use.  Please get changed and warm up in the large area next to the entrance, DO NOT congregate on the sides of the track and please do not kick the ball about near the tracks, it's extremely disrespectful to the athletics club and to the dome staff.

Message From The Louis Riel Dome Staff

We would like to remind you that the track is now booked by the Ottawa Lions Track & Field Club from 5-8pm every night except for Friday. So please be careful crossing the track.

All access to the fields should be made from the right side (the side of the Physiotherapy clinic) and everyone should circulate on the black flooring at all times except when crossing to access the grass fields.

Keep up to date with the Footy Sevens Blog
22 June 2012 @ 12:24 PM by Joel Convery

The leagues very own Chris (I've screwed by knee up again) Surgeoner has swapped quill for keyboard and started up the footy sevens official blog.

A random assorted of league and other footy sevens related waffle in digital form.  What more could you want?  Visit the blog here 

Rule Updates
24 June 2011 @ 3:04 PM by Joel Convery


We've recently updated a couple of league rules, after clarification and observations made over the past few months.  These have been rolled into the main rules in the About section of the website, but are outlined below to save you having to wade through them all:

Free Kicks

All free kicks are indirect. To score off an indirect kick, the ball must be touched by another player (offence or defence, including the goalkeeper). Although not strictly illegal, blasting the ball with the intent of of forcing a deflection is against the spirit of the game and considered bad sportsmanship.  Players who consistently do this should be mocked and / or given the "evil eye".  [Rule updated 24th June 2011 to state that the ball may touch the goalkeeper for a goal to be awarded in an indirect kick]

Yellow & Red Cards

Time Penalties - The following time penalties apply to offences for which a card is issued (subject to further action by the Administrative Authority).  During the time penalty teams must play short.

(a) Yellow Card: 3 minutes for a straight Yellow;
(b) Red Card: Team must play short for the remainder of the game with the offending player being ejected:  any player receiving a Red Card will take no further part in the game and will, depending on the circumstances, be banned from a number of subsequent games or dismissed from the league entirely. [Rule updated 24th June 2011 to state that a red card will mean that the team must play short for the remainder of the game]

Access To The Fields - Revisited
27 October 2009 @ 12:41 PM by Joel Convery

There still seems to be some confusion over how to access the soccer fields in the dome, so the dome staff have emailed me this helpful diagram.  If you cannot see it attached, please look on the website here  

We need to get this sorted as we are still getting complaints, although I did fight our corner this week as some of the occasions being mentioned to me involved players on Field 1, which are nothing to do with our league.

See below.



Sharing The Dome With Other Users - Please Read
20 October 2009 @ 9:32 AM by Joel Convery


I got a bit of a telling off yesterday from the dome staff about some of the rules that we have been breaking with respect to other facility users, so I told them I would pass an email on to all our players.

Now that we no longer have exclusive use of the dome, we need to be much more aware and respectful of the other users of the facility, in particular those people using the athletics tracks.  A number of complaints were made last night about our players wandering, standing or getting changed on or near the edges of the running tracks, interfering with the athletes (who pay good money to use the facilities to).  Please just use some common sense when attempting to get access to the fields or getting changed.  If we continue to break these rules we can have our booking revoked, and that is the last thing I want to happen. 

I have added some other rules and notes (and more as I think and am given them) to the website which can be found here so please take a couple of minutes to read them.  Captains, although this has been sent to all registered players, can you make sure that you relay this information on to them.

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