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Wednesday 11 July 2018

TimeHome TeamShirtsAway TeamLocation
6:00pmSemi Final - FC Kopenbadly v Deep ThreatCU Raven Road (1)
6:00pmSemi Final - Alcoballics v Ranchos Cucamungos FCCU Raven Road (2)
6:00pmConsolation Semi Final - Ottawa Wanderers v Freaks & Geeks FCCU Raven Road (3)
6:30pmSemi Final - Load Shirt FC v WAKANDA FOREVAHornets Nest (2)
7:00pmSimba FC v Team No-ShowCU Raven Road (1)
7:00pmConsolation Semi Final - Goonies v Ouate de phoqueCU Raven Road (2)
7:00pmConsolation Semi Final - Los Primos v Friendly KickersCU Raven Road (3)
7:00pmWooden Spoon Semi Final - Gryffinscore & Slytherwin XII v Yellow Cards Hornets Nest (1)
7:00pmL'Equipe v EDC FCHornets Nest (3)
7:30pmSemi Final - FC Bundesautobahn v The Other TeamLouis Riel (1)
7:30pmWhat a Save! FC v Hakuna MatataLouis Riel (2)
7:30pmWooden Spoon Semi Final - Hooligans v We are legionLouis Riel (3)
8:00pmSemi Final - Eternal Dragons v Deadly-ish Panthers of DeathCU Raven Road (1)
8:00pmSemi Final - Rangers v Lynx FCCU Raven Road (2)
8:00pmConsolation Semi Final - Cajun Pelicans v Not Fast, Just FuriousCU Raven Road (3)
8:00pmFor Fuchs Sake v Pizza Party Hornets Nest (2)
8:30pmConsolation Semi Final - FPTP v FC OrleansHornets Nest (1)
8:30pmConsolation Semi Final - The Fellowship v Black Mambas 2.0Hornets Nest (3)
9:00pmOn the Mendy v Tap That PassCU Raven Road (1)
9:00pmMessi Bunch v C-UnitedCU Raven Road (2)
9:00pmHotspurs v MisfitsCU Raven Road (3)
9:00pmSemi Final - Noxious weeds v International LoversLouis Riel (1)
9:00pmWooden Spoon Final - Small Furry Creatures v Bieber My Balls XXVILouis Riel (2)
9:00pmSemi Final - WM 3143 v Kickpunchers XXIIILouis Riel (3)
10:00pmRush Hour v Get Off MatipCU Raven Road (1)
10:00pmThe Blueberries v The TigersCU Raven Road (2)
10:00pmTap That Pass v Messi BunchCU Raven Road (3)
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