Rental Availability & Prices

The full price (including tax) can be found in parentheses below. If there is time that is not available but you are interested in last-minute cancelations for a particular time/date - email us and we will add you to our cancelation list. 


Rental Availability ​​​



Price List for Early 2024 Rentals

Outdoor Turf Time

  • $80 + tax ($90.40) per 7-a-side field (1/3 rental) 
  • $180 + tax ($203.40) for full field (11-a-side rental)

Indoor Winter Turf Time

  • Prime Time: $230 + tax ($259.90) per 7-a-side field (1/3 rental) 
  • 11:00pm (Late Evening): $195 + tax ($220.35) per 7-a-side field (1/3 rental) 
  • 12:00am (midnight & later): $165 + tax ($186.45) per 7-a-side field (1/3 rental) 


All bookings must be paid for in advance and are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.  Our cancelation policy is a 30-day written notice. 


Please note that the best place to reach us for a booking is either or


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