Who We Are


Back in 2008 a group of us, needing a mid week soccer fix due to the lack of recreational leagues running at the tail end of summer / early fall, decided to rent out some time in the soccer dome at Ben Franklin.  We started with a pick-up game running until the fall and winter leagues started. 

We continued this pick-up game into the fall and winter on Sunday nights and before we knew it we had a massive pool of people wanting to play.


In early Summer 2009 we decided to start a small 7-A-Side co-ed indoor league amongst the group of us that had been playing in the winter.  This inaugural league had 6 teams and ran on a Wednesday evening in the Gloucester Superdome.


Seeing what we were able to achieve just amongst our immediate circle of friends we have decided to expand and open the league to more people, with the intent of starting a viable business with the primary focus still to provide enjoyable soccer in excellent facilities at a reasonable price.



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