Individual and Pickup Game Code of Conduct



A simple set of rules to ensure the best possible experience for everyone

These rules apply to pickup and one-off games and individual teams


1. Everyone plays the same amount

All players take their turn substituting and must make sure they substitute fairly and evenly, irrespective of gender, ability or whatever considerations.  This is only fair as everyone has paid the same amount of money to play. No player should be substituting for a second time or spending an extended time on the sidelines if there is another player that has not taken their turn yet.


2. Bring a change of colour

The league no longer provides pinnies due to COVID-19 considerations. All players must bring an alternate colour of shirt to any game to ensure teams can be split up in pickup games and in case of a colour clash in league games.   


3. If you have players who want to play together - arrive on time

We always try to accommodate groups of friends in the same team wherever we can. We cannot guarantee this if players arrive late after the games have started and players have been allocated to teams and fields. It is not fair to other players to have to stop games and move other players to different teams or fields to accommodate teams requests after the game has started.


4. Goalkeeping duties have to be shared

If your team has a permanent goalkeeper or someone who wants to play in goals for the entire game - that's great, they can play for the whole game. If the team is rotating goalkeepers, everyone has to take an equal turn in goals, just like substitutions.


5. Show respect for other people

The pickup games and individual teams are a friendly way for people to get to play. The above rules are about treating everyone in the team fairly and respectfully, the same goes for your opponents. The games are not refereed. By signing up you are agreeing to play and act respectfully and fairly at all times.


6. Registration is first-come-first-served

The pickup games and individual teams have a cap on the number of players we allow to register, Once this limit is reached, no other players will be allowed to register, even if they already have friends who are registered. No player in registered until payment has been received and processed.

Details and registration for our upcoming pickup games can be found on our pickup game website.


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