Venue Rules


The following rules are specific to the venues that we play at and should be read and proliferated by the team captain to their players.  A lot of these rules form part of the terms and conditions of the hiring agreement between our league and the venue, and if broken could result in us losing our booking so please treat them with respect.


Louis Riel

  1. No spitting
  2. The only drink allowed inside the arena is WATER. 
  3. Balls should only be kicked inside the netted area, on the fields.  Please DO NOT kick the ball about outside these areas when warming up as there are other people using the facilities.
  4. Please be respectful of the other users of the dome, especially those using the athletics tracks and other facilities.  In the winter we will be sharing the dome facility with other users.  Make sure that you DO NOT warm up, change or stand around in the the areas they are using (and have payed money to rent).  This includes the sides of the running tracks where sprawling legs could easily trip someone.  There are areas designated near the entrance for changing boots and such (the seated areas), so please use those areas until you are ready to enter the field.  These rule applies to any guests and spectators.  Most importantly, do not wander aimlessly onto the running tracks, and only cross at the designated locations, the dome manager suggested crossing at the far end of the dome to enter the fields.  See diagram below.



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