Inclusion Policy

Ottawa Footy Sevens and Soccer 7s are committed to providing all participants with a safe and inclusive environment

In order to continue to participate in our leagues. players, officials, and spectators must agree to treat everyone with courtesy and respect within the context of their sport, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, place of birth, nationality, race or ethnicity, religious or political beliefs. economic status, or ability. This requirement prohibits any form of harassment or discrimination.

A safe and inclusive environment can only exist if players, spectators, match officials, league staff and management interact together with respect and an absence of prejudice and harassment.

Ottawa Footy Sevens reserves the right to take disciplinary action, up to and including permanent suspension from all OFS/S7 leagues and facilities. against players, officials, spectators, and teams who prevent others from enjoying a safe and inclusive environment. Individuals found to have committed acts of harassment or discrimination will be removed from the league.

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