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Wednesday 26 June 2019

TimeHome TeamShirtsAway TeamLocation
6:00pmGee-JEEZ v Blue BallersCU Raven Road (1)
6:00pmDeadlier Panthers of Death v Blues from the sixCU Raven Road (2)
6:00pmAlcoballics 1 v EaglesCU Raven Road (3)
6:00pmRanchos v3.1 v FC KopenbadlyImmaculata (1)
6:00pmWednesday Spring Womens @ Immaculata - A v Pink BallerinasImmaculata (2)
6:00pmMessi Bunch v Soccer DadsImmaculata (3)
7:00pmThe French Fries v The Football RepublicCU Raven Road (1)
7:00pmJaguars v The Green TeamCU Raven Road (2)
7:00pmOuate de phoque v Fairly AthleticCU Raven Road (3)
7:00pmBlack Mambas v Yellow CardsHornets Nest (1)
7:00pmOttawa Wanderers v Honey Badgers FCImmaculata (1)
7:00pmPink Ballerinas v Wednesday Spring Womens @ Immaculata - BImmaculata (2)
7:00pmWednesday Spring Womens @ Immaculata - C v Wednesday Spring Womens @ Immaculata - DImmaculata (3)
7:30pmAll-Blacks v FPTP 27Louis Riel (1)
7:30pmNet 6 N Chill v Noxious WeedsLouis Riel (2)
7:30pmFor Fuchs Sake v Ottawa WanderersLouis Riel (3)
8:00pmSon of a Conte v No Name With GameCU Raven Road (1)
8:00pmDeep Threat v Tiernan My HeartstringsCU Raven Road (2)
8:00pmWelch FC v Is it in yetCU Raven Road (3)
8:00pmCrash and Burn v Wednesday Spring Co-Ed @ CU / Immaculata - BImmaculata (1)
8:00pmGoonies v Daddy FCImmaculata (2)
8:00pmTBD v Toro Rosso FCImmaculata (3)
8:15pmFor Fuchs Sake v Noxious WeedsLouis Riel (1)
8:15pmOttawa Wanderers v FPTP 27Louis Riel (2)
8:15pmAll-Blacks v Net 6 N ChillLouis Riel (3)
8:30pmDropkickpunchers XXVII v Gryffinscore & Slytherwin XIVHornets Nest (1)
9:00pmWelch FC
Result doesn't count for home team
v The Other TeamCU Raven Road (1)
9:00pmDeep Threat v Bam Bam BigelowCU Raven Road (2)
9:00pmHotspurs v KnurplesCU Raven Road (3)
9:00pmFreaks & Geeks FC v Arctic LeafImmaculata (1)
9:00pmGame of Throw-Ins v Straight off the couchImmaculata (2)
9:00pmElectric lemons v ABCDE FCImmaculata (3)
9:00pmBarra Brava Ottawa v Blue Steel TigersLouis Riel (1)
9:00pmBall Busters v Load Shirt FC Louis Riel (2)
9:00pmNot Red Anymore v Red MistLouis Riel (3)
9:45pmLoad Shirt FC v Blue Steel TigersLouis Riel (1)
9:45pmBarra Brava Ottawa v Ball BustersLouis Riel (2)
10:00pmGauge 14 v The Other TeamCU Raven Road (1)
10:00pmLos Primos v AlcoballicsCU Raven Road (2)
10:00pmLYNX'R'US v Michelle's HerosCU Raven Road (3)
10:00pmThe Offsides v Wasted TalentImmaculata (1)
10:00pmTravelKicks v Tap That PassImmaculata (3)
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