Schedule By Date

Monday 11 February 2019

TimeHome TeamShirtsAway TeamLocation
6:00pmSporting Wood v IFS JetsBen Franklin (1)
6:00pmConsolation - Dana's Party Love Boat XXXIII v CoachlessHornets Nest (3)
7:00pmConsolation - Indies v Mighty MarshmallowsLouis Riel (3)
8:00pmFinal - magpies v Hard DLouis Riel (3)
8:00pmSemi Final - Smashville v Get Off MatipuOttawa Lees (1)
8:00pmSemi Final - Dirty Mike & The Boys v Cobra KaiuOttawa Lees (2)
8:00pmSemi Final 1 - EDC FC v The Wonder BunchuOttawa Lees (3)
9:00pmYak Attack v Bayern Manayek FCBen Franklin (1)
9:00pmConsolation - Black Mambas 1.0 v Battle SharksHornets Nest (1)
9:00pmFinal - The Schwiftier Team v Cereal KillersLouis Riel (2)
9:00pmConsolation - Handball Bandits v FC NonameLouis Riel (3)
9:00pmConsolation Semi Final - Nevernudes FC v Los PrimosuOttawa Lees (1)
9:00pmWooden Spoon Final - Spittin' llamas v Payments Canada FCuOttawa Lees (2)
9:00pmSemi Final 2 - Yellow Cards v Dream Team 5.0uOttawa Lees (3)
9:30pmConsolation - Who Needs Mo? v Het Oranje ZevenLouis Riel (1)
10:00pmMarcelona C.F. v Riverside FCBen Franklin (1)
10:00pmRSFC_WINTER_2019 v Winter BluesBen Franklin (2)
10:00pmGoon Squad v FalconsBen Franklin (3)
10:00pmConsolation - Monday Blues v FPTPHornets Nest (1)
10:00pmConsolation - Squad Goals v Get Schwifty VIIILouis Riel (2)
10:00pmConsolation - Hyrule Warriors v Pizza PartyLouis Riel (3)
10:00pmConsolation Semi Final - Shoots First v Griez LightninguOttawa Lees (1)
10:00pmArse-n-all v Pathetico MadriduOttawa Lees (2)
10:00pmEconomists do it with Models v Daddy FCuOttawa Lees (3)
10:30pmFinal - Goon Squad v SWATLouis Riel (1)
11:00pmSt Mary Eagles 1 v Inter Yer NanBen Franklin (3)
11:00pmSemi Final - White Sharks v Second WinduOttawa Lees (1)
11:00pmThe Best D v Carved OutuOttawa Lees (2)
11:00pmDynamite v AlcoballicsuOttawa Lees (3)
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