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Wednesday 12 June 2019

TimeHome TeamShirtsAway TeamLocation
6:00pmBam Bam Bigelow v The Football RepublicCU Raven Road (1)
6:00pmWasted Talent v Blue BallersCU Raven Road (2)
6:00pmGee-JEEZ v TravelKicksCU Raven Road (3)
6:00pmFreaks & Geeks FC v The OffsidesImmaculata (1)
6:00pmStraight off the couch v Wednesday Spring Womens @ Immaculata - CImmaculata (2)
6:00pmArctic Leaf v Tap That PassImmaculata (3)
7:00pmDeep Threat v The Football RepublicCU Raven Road (1)
7:00pmAlcoballics 1 v Son of a ConteCU Raven Road (2)
7:00pmWelch FC v Gauge 14CU Raven Road (3)
7:00pmFor Fuchs Sake v Barra Brava Ottawa Hornets Nest (1)
7:00pmBall Busters v All-BlacksHornets Nest (2)
7:00pmIs it in yet v No Name With GameImmaculata (1)
7:00pmHotspurs v Fairly AthleticImmaculata (2)
7:00pmAlcoballics v FC KopenbadlyImmaculata (3)
7:30pmGryffinscore & Slytherwin XIV v Black MambasLouis Riel (1)
7:30pmYellow Cards v Not Red Anymore Louis Riel (2)
8:00pmThe Other Team v EaglesCU Raven Road (1)
8:00pmKnurples v Ottawa WanderersCU Raven Road (2)
8:00pmRanchos v3.1 v JaguarsCU Raven Road (3)
8:00pmSoccer Dads v The Green TeamImmaculata (1)
8:00pmWednesday Spring Womens @ Immaculata - A v Wednesday Spring Womens @ Immaculata - BImmaculata (2)
8:00pmMessi Bunch v Los PrimosImmaculata (3)
8:30pmOttawa Wanderers v FPTP 27Hornets Nest (1)
8:30pmNoxious Weeds v Load Shirt FC Hornets Nest (2)
9:00pmThe French Fries v Deadlier Panthers of DeathCU Raven Road (1)
9:00pmMichelle's Heros v Ouate de phoqueCU Raven Road (2)
9:00pmABCDE FC v Daddy FCCU Raven Road (3)
9:00pmGoonies v Crash and BurnImmaculata (1)
9:00pmWednesday Spring Womens @ Immaculata - B v Game of Throw-InsImmaculata (2)
9:00pmWednesday Spring Womens @ Immaculata - D v Pink BallerinasImmaculata (3)
9:00pmDropkickpunchers XXVII v Red MistLouis Riel (1)
9:00pmBlue Steel Tigers v Net 6 N ChillLouis Riel (2)
10:00pmBlues from the six v Tiernan My HeartstringsCU Raven Road (1)
10:00pmTBD v Electric lemonsCU Raven Road (2)
10:00pmHoney Badgers FC v LYNX'R'USCU Raven Road (3)
10:00pmToro Rosso FC v Wednesday Spring Co-Ed @ CU / Immaculata - BImmaculata (1)
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