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Tuesday 13 August 2019

TimeHome TeamShirtsAway TeamLocation
7:00pmFinal - Club Paradise FC v Golle paintingBen Franklin (1)
7:00pmConsolation - Jam Filled FC v When you get limes...Ben Franklin (2)
7:00pmConsolation - Net Six and Chill v RIDGIES FCBen Franklin (3)
7:00pmMo Salah Mo Problems v Bardown FCImmaculata (1)
7:00pmFc Pascal v Ottawa FireImmaculata (2)
7:00pmThe Goats v How Spicy?Immaculata (3)
8:00pmFinal - GGFL v White SharksBen Franklin (1)
8:00pmSnake Squad v Man's Not Hot Ben Franklin (2)
8:00pmEndgame Avengers v The Yellow CanariesBen Franklin (3)
8:00pmManchester Divided v Sandy Hill FCImmaculata (1)
8:00pm10X v The PeachesImmaculata (2)
8:00pmRoyal Oak FC v Smash BrosImmaculata (3)
9:00pmConsolation - Company of fools v StanNetBen Franklin (1)
9:00pmTuesday Spring Co-Ed @ BFD - D v SlowbrosBen Franklin (2)
9:00pmThe Yellow Canaries v Tuesday Spring Co-Ed @ BFD - ABen Franklin (3)
9:00pmBayern M√ľnchies v SandersoniansImmaculata (1)
9:00pmAssent Champions v Inter Yer NanImmaculata (3)
10:00pmConsolation - All Blacks United v Riverside RoughridersBen Franklin (1)
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