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Wednesday 15 May 2019

TimeHome TeamShirtsAway TeamLocation
6:00pm3rd Place Match - Welch FC v AlcoballicsCU Raven Road (1)
6:00pm3rd Place Match - PwC Scrappers v Los PrimosCU Raven Road (2)
6:00pm3rd Place Match - TBD v First-Past-the-Post FCCU Raven Road (3)
6:00pmConsolation - Yellow Cards v GooniesHornets Nest (2)
6:00pmFinal - Noxious Weeds v LannistrikersHornets Nest (3)
6:00pmFinal - Deadlier Panthers of Death v UnAtlético MadridImmaculata (1)
6:00pm3rd Place Match - Kiss My Pass v Tap That PassImmaculata (2)
6:00pmConsolation Final - Ottawa Wanderers v The Green TeamImmaculata (3)
7:00pmFinal - Moskova FC v White SharksCU Raven Road (1)
7:00pmConsolation - Gauge 14 v SurveyMonkeyCU Raven Road (2)
7:00pmFinal - Messi Bunch v Les Honey BadgèresCU Raven Road (3)
7:00pmLannistrikers v Black MambasHornets Nest (2)
7:00pmNot Red Anymore v Ball Busters Hornets Nest (3)
7:00pmWednesday Spring Womens @ Immaculata - A v Wednesday Spring Womens @ Immaculata - BImmaculata (1)
7:00pmPink Ballerinas v Wednesday Spring Womens @ Immaculata - CImmaculata (2)
7:00pmGame of Throw-Ins v Straight off the couchImmaculata (3)
8:00pmWooden Spoon Final - Ouate de phoque v Fairly AthleticCU Raven Road (1)
8:00pmConsolation Final - Startled Koalas v Freaks & Geeks FCCU Raven Road (2)
8:00pmFinal - Is It In Yet v Game of Throw-InsCU Raven Road (3)
8:00pmConsolation - Hooligans FC v michael.ziolkowski(at)hotmail.comHornets Nest (2)
8:00pmKickpunchers XXVI v FPTP 26Hornets Nest (3)
10:00pmConsolation Final - Star Destroyers v FC KopenbadlyImmaculata (1)
10:00pmWooden Spoon - Sausage Lynx v Company of FoolsImmaculata (3)
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