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Sunday 2 August 2020

TimeHome TeamShirtsAway TeamLocation
2:00pmCleat Sharks v Just Kick ItImmaculata (3)
3:30pmNo Prob Llamas v Guadalajara FCImmaculata (1)
3:30pmThe Kickin' Chickens v 99 ProblemsImmaculata (3)
4:00pmFormally In Shape Allstars v Los GalacticosImmaculata (2)
5:00pmGreen Eggs and Ham v Red ArmyImmaculata (1)
5:00pmAC Me Rollin v Assistants to the Regional StrikerImmaculata (3)
5:30pmLand Sharks v Schrödinger's GoalImmaculata (2)
6:30pmThe Arabs v Cookie MonstersImmaculata (1)
6:30pmCaptains v Nick PicsImmaculata (3)
7:00pmHoneybadgers v TigerhawksImmaculata (2)
8:00pmRay FC v Banter and BeyondImmaculata (1)
8:00pmDiv 3 or Die Trying v Wolf Pack Football Club Immaculata (3)
8:30pmGet Off Matip v Los DesvalidosImmaculata (2)
9:00pmRed Devils v 1910 RoadmenImmaculata (3)
9:30pmRosé All Day v Shenanigans FCImmaculata (1)
10:00pmFC Royalty v The CobrasImmaculata (2)
10:00pmOttawa Nationals v QuaranteamImmaculata (3)
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