Captain's Presale is Open for Fall Indoor Leagues
7 October 2020 @ 12:01 PM by Chris Surgeoner

Hi everyone,

Firstly, a heartfelt thank you to all of you who are currently organising teams for our summer/early fall outdoor leagues. Now, more than ever, the support of our captains has been essential to help us get back up off the mat after an unforeseeable turn of events in 2020. We would really like to hear from you about how your team is feeling going into the indoor season: Do they want to play? Do they want to take a break? What changes would make them feel more comfortable in playing? etc. If you have a few minutes to let us know your team's thoughts on the upcoming leagues (or on the current leagues and the new procedures and protocols), please drop Andrew, Chris and Matt an e-mail at

Fall Indoor League - Exclusive Captain's Pre-Sale

It's a little later than usual, but we have just opened our captain's pre-sale for our fall indoor leagues.

These are for the leagues running from November (after your outdoor season finishes) through to January or February.

We have the following leagues available for team registration:

  • Coed: Monday at the Sooners Megadome in Kanata/Stittsville, Wednesday at the Hornet's Nest, Friday at the Carleton University Fieldhouse
  • Men's: Monday at Ben Franklin, Wednesday at the Sooners Megadome in Kanata/Stittsville, Friday at the Carleton University Fieldhouse
  • Men's Over 35s: Friday at the Carleton University Fieldhouse.

Due to some of our usual venues not being available, spaces are extremely limited. We currently only have enough space available to accommodate about 20% of the teams that are currently playing outdoor soccer with us.

You can find the full details of each league on the Footy Sevens Website.

We know you and your teams will have a lot of questions about the forthcoming leagues and what will happen. Obviously, this is a season unlike any other since the league began. Here are some FAQs about the most common ones we think you will have.


  • Will there be leagues at Ottawa U Lees Dome? Not this season, the Lees Dome is going to be closed until mid-January. The indoor leagues available just now at other venues will end in mid-January, in time for teams to join our leagues at Ottawa U.
  • Will there be leagues at the Louis Riel Dome? Right now we don't know. We do not have enough confirmation of opening or availability for Louis Riel to allow us to post all of our usual east-end leagues. As soon as we have confirmation one way or the other we will let all of our current captains know.
  • What happens if we register for a league and then you post a league at a venue we prefer? If we post a new league before the upcoming seasons begin, we will transfer your registration to your preferred league.
  • What happens if the venue gets shut down or there is another provincial shutdown? In the case of a shutdown of more than a week or two, REFUNDS FOR ALL REMAINING GAMES WILL BE ISSUED. We will not be forcing teams to keep the balance on credit, refunds will be issued if requested. If there is a short shutdown (e.g.a week or two) the league will resume once the facility reopens and the league will finish a week or two later.
  • What happens if we change our minds after registering? We have to commit to renting time in the domes, so we have to have a firm idea of whether teams are committed to playing or not. Unfortunately, we will have to hold teams and players to their deposit/registration once they book their space. We are all going into this in the knowledge that the pandemic continues to be active in our local community, so please make sure that you and your team are comfortable committing to the season before registering.
  • Will there be new procedures and protocols indoors? Yes, each of the venues will have their own procedures and protocols in place. As well as the entry, exit and sign-in procedures, masks will likely be mandatory to enter all of the facilities, but not whilst playing, and a pre-entry symptoms checklist is likely to be required.

The captain's presale will run until next Wednesday morning when all leagues will open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis.

As always you can always e-mail us or talk to Andrew, Chris or Matt at the field if you have any questions,

Take care,

The Footy Sevens Team.


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