Footy Sevens League Restart: Update July 3rd (COVID-19)
3 July 2020 @ 2:29 PM by Chris Surgeoner

Hi everyone,

We hope you had a great Canada Day.

It looks like Ottawa is inching closer to stage 3 of the Province's reopening plan. We have also been hearing some fairly strong rumours that 7-a-side play may be allowed to restart within the next couple of weeks. It is just rumours, and nothing definite yet, but we are hopeful that our outdoor leagues may be able to start up again within the next couple of weeks.

Once we do get the green light to play, we plan to have the leagues start within a few days. First priority for getting back on the field will be given to the teams that have already rolled over winter credit to register for a spring league and then to other teams that had registered in advance. Depending on the number of games allowed on the field and field availability etc., we may see reduced capacity in some or even all of leagues, so we would advise registering your team ASAP, just in case. We know there is a lot of uncertainty and things aren't great financially for a lot of people, so we have dropped the team deposit to $100 until we have confirmed start dates for the leagues.

What happens if we register and the league details change?

The pricing and number of games listed may be subject to change based upon restrictions placed upon us with regards to the number of people at the facility, number of games we can play and other safety-related protocols. To accommodate the number of teams and number of games, some games may have to be played on an alternative night or at the weekend and the league may take place over a compressed period (e.g. 10 games in 8 weeks).

Register with confidence - if any league is cancelled, postponed or any changes mean that it is no longer suitable to your team your deposit or league fee will be refunded in full. 

Will both indoor and outdoor leagues restart at the same time?

Our guess is that leagues at indoor venues (e.g. the domes) might not be allowed to start at the same time as outdoor leagues. It could be a difference of a couple of weeks, or a couple of months. If you do want to get back out and play as soon as possible, we would strongly recommend registering for one of the outdoor league.

What options are available?

You can find the full list of all of our available leagues and their details and on the Footy Sevens Website.

Can I use my credit?

Yes, absolutely!. If you have a credit sitting in your account from the Winter leagues, you will be able to see it and use it for payment when you login and register for a new league or for one of our soccer golf, training or fitness sessions.

Is there anything available right now?

For the past couple of weeks, we have offered our socially-distanced soccer golf, skills challenges and training and fitness sessions at Immaculata HS. The schedule can be found on our pickup soccer website. CTV News actually came out and filmed a news segment with Ottawa Footy Sevens players and staff about players getting back out onto the field. You can find it on our twitter feed:

Here's hoping the rumours are true and we get to see you back on the field within a couple of weeks,

Andrew, Chris, Dan, Joel, Matt and Ryan, the Footy Sevens Team.

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