Forfeit Policy
5 May 2014 @ 2:53 PM by Joel Convery

We've had a few questions from teams in recent weeks who have been on the receiving end of forfeits, where teams just haven't turned up for their game.  We're starting to draft up a simple policy / procedure for how we think this should be handled, when the team knows in advance that they can't make it.  We appreciate how frustrating this can be.

Forfeit Policy

Whilst we appreciate that on occasion it may be difficult to field a squad for a given game, we would appreciate it if teams could show some common courtesy to their opponents if they aren't going to turn up for a given game.  Simply not turning up to a game without some form of notice is unacceptable.  If you have exhausted all avenues to be able to field team, we suggest the following procedure:

  1. Make an attempt to contact your opposing team captain.  This can be done in the "My Team --> Contact Other Captains" feature of the website.
  2. Drop an email to the league via stating that your team cannot make it.
  3. Consider contacting the captains of the teams that play immediately before and after your games to see if they would be willing to play a second game so that your opponent has the option to still play a game.  If possible keep your opponent and the league admin in the loop on these emails.

Always try to give your opponent and the league as much advance notice of a forfeit as possible, this gives them/us more time to find a replacement team.  Any team that forfeits a game automatically receives a 3-0 scoreline against them.  Teams that consistently forfeit games may be asked to leave the league or have other sanctions placed against them.   

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