Important Information on Vaccine Requirements for League Games
2 September 2021 @ 3:49 PM by Chris Surgeoner

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for joining us again for our late summer/early fall outdoor leagues. It's been great to see both new and returning teams back on the field and even some familiar faces and team names back after an 18-month hiatus.

Fall Leagues and Vaccinations

The Province of Ontario announced yesterday that it would be introducing a vaccine passport. It appears that this applies to indoor sports, but not to outdoor sports 

However, it looks like it will be mandatory to provide proof of vaccination at some of the outdoor venues that we will be using for the current leagues. Venues are introducing and updating vaccine policies as the new school and university term approaches.

In order to participate in a game at any venue, all players must abide by any policy or regulation that is in place at that specific venue. At some venues, this may include providing proof of vaccination. This is not negotiable with Footy Sevens, rules and regulations are set by the venue, and cannot be ignored or superseded by the league.

Here is what we know regarding the fields that we will be using:

Immaculata High School: Procedures will follow Provincial vaccine policy. No current change to procedures or vaccine proof required,

Carleton University: All visitors to the Carleton University campus including the Stadium and Raven Road fields must upload proof of vaccination to the Carleton U website and be able to show this proof of vaccination or they will not be allowed onto the campus.

"all individuals who are coming on to campus must attest to receiving their first dose vaccine by September 8, 2021, and their second dose no later than October 15, 2021. "

University of Ottawa: All visitors to the University of Ottawa campus including Lees Field must upload proof of vaccination to the uOttawa website, be able to show this proof of vaccination and complete a daily COVID symptom check-in list or they will not be allowed onto the campus.

"all visitors (external clients, contractors and spectators) must be vaccinated to access all our athletic facilities on campus as of September 7th (first dose) and October 15th (second dose)"

A few FAQs

What happens if I have a game at Carleton U or uOttawa and have not completed the vaccination requirements and proof? You will not be allowed to take part in the game and asked to leave the campus.

When do these requirements start? See information for individual venues above

What happens if I am exempt or wish to apply to be exempt from these policies? Anyone who wishes to discuss the policies at Carleton University or uOttawa or apply for exemption should do so directly with the University, we do not have any ability to ignore or alter their procedures on behalf of any individual.

Can we make a request for all of our games to be at a venue that does not require vaccination? Unless a league specifically says that it is only played at one venue, we cannot guarantee that any team or player will not have any games at any specific venue.

I'm vaccinated, but I don't know where the proof of vaccination is? If you were vaccinated in Ontario, you should have got an e-mail with a document titled "dose_admin . . ." . Try searching your email for that.

We will provide updates as we have them,

Good luck for the new season,

The Footy Sevens Team

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