Last Chance for Outdoor Soccer, Fall League Update and Over-35s
12 September 2020 @ 4:17 AM by Joel Convery

Hi everyone,

Early fall in Ottawa is our favourite time of the year for outdoor soccer but we will have to close off registration for the majority of our leagues this weekend.

This is your last chance for outdoor soccer this year, and these are the final spaces available:

  • Coed Team Spaces: Wednesdays (1 space), Thursdays, (1 space), Fridays (2 spaces), Sundays (1 space)
  • Coed Individuals: Sold out - If you're looking to play check out our Forum or join us for our weekly Pickup games
  • Men's Team Spaces: Tuesday (1 space), Thursday (1 space), Friday (1 space), Sunday (2 spaces)
  • Men's Individual Spaces: Thursday (1 space), Friday (3 spaces), Sunday (3 spaces).

All of these spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis on the Footy Sevens website.

Update on Fall/Winter Indoor Seasons:

Many of you have been asking about winter indoor soccer and we can confirm that we ARE planning to run winter indoor seasons as normal at most of our usual venues and days. We are still confirming availability, protocols and procedures with the various domes and we will be posting the details of our winter leagues within the next two weeks.

Over-35s pickup and league

Next over-35s pickup is this Friday at 9pm.

I'm looking to put together a pool of over-35s pickup players with the aim of setting up a regular weekly over-35s pickup session, and hopefully a league in the future. If you (like me) are one of our veteran players that would be interested in an over-35s session rather than trying to keep pace with the 20 year-olds, drop me an email at Even if you can't make this week's game, but may be interested in the future, drop me an e-mail to let me know.

We already have over 40 players that have confirmed and interest in playing over-35s, and we may even be able to start a league within the next week or so if we see further interest from players or teams.

And finally, we'd like to say thank you once again to all of the players and teams who came out and played with us during the past season. The support of our captains and teams has been humbling and very much appreciated during an extremely tough year,


Andrew, Chris, Dan, Joel and Matt, The Ottawa Footy Sevens Team

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