Our first week of post-shutdown soccer and the last chance to register
24 July 2020 @ 2:41 PM by Chris Surgeoner

Hi everyone,

We've got the first week of post-shutdown soccer in and we'd like to start by saying a huge thank you to everyone that has played so far.

We have thrown a lot of procedures, protocols and changes at you for your first game back and the response we've had has been terrific. We really appreciate everyone's patience and adherence to the new rules and procedures. Whether it's been patiently waiting outside the field until the previous teams have left or while we check everyone into the facility, captains chasing down their players to make sure they are on the roster and have accepted the waiver, players respecting each other's personal space on and off the field or just listening to the directions of our staff at the field, its been important and impeccably observed.

Thank you all for playing your part in getting back on the field safely. Everyone's efforts contribute to the safety of the wider community and even if you aren't concerned about yourself, they really help to make those who are nervous about returning to play feel safer and more comfortable. Keep up the good work everyone, this is likely to be the new normal for a while.

COVID-19 Procedures at the field - A quick guide and photos of how it looks

Some of you wanted to see what the procedures were like before committing to playing again at the moment. We've published a blog-post with a series of photos to help you visualise what is happening at the field and posted a shortened "Coles Notes" of our procedures below to remind you of the procedure at the field.

  • Make sure you are on the roster and have accepted the waiver - no one enters the facility without that.
  • Arrive at the field changed and ready to play and in good time (early arrival allows us to check you in and speed up entry to the field)
  • Once the previous teams have left we'll allow teams to enter. Use the hand sanitiser provided on the way in.
  • Enter by the Main Street gate nearest to the school and go straight to your field on the school side of the track. Do not hang around near the entrance
  • Join your team at the designated "bench" area that is marked off by cones: don't forget to socially distance.
  • The referee will go over rules, procedures and protocols with both teams prior to kickoff.
  • Play! but remember there are no headers, no spitting, keep out of peoples personal space wherever you can and don't touch the ball with your hands (other than the goalie)
  • At the end of the game congratulate the other teams from a distance - no handshakes and high-fives.
  • Take everything with you and leave by the track on the south-side of the field and the Main Street exit next to Subway.

Our full COVID-19 protocols and procedures can be found here on our website and must be read and observed by all players before playing.


Last Chance to Register for our current leagues

We have been busy working away at schedules for the current league and we will be closing off registration on Monday. There are still team spots and a few individual spaces remaining to get back on the field just now. this will be the last chance to play before our late summer/early fall leagues start in September.

You can find the details and registration for all of our current leagues on the Footy Sevens Website.

Andrew, Chris, Dan and Matt, The Footy Sevens On-Field Team

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