Provincial Announcement - Update for Footy Sevens Leagues
9 October 2020 @ 3:09 PM by Chris Surgeoner

Hi everyone,

As some of you already know, the Province has announced that Ottawa will be returning to phase 2 of opening and team sports and scrimmages will be banned for at least 28 days starting at midnight tonight.

Not surprisingly, we are getting bombarded with questions, calls and e-mails at the moment, before we have even had much of a chance to absorb this news or talk amongst ourselves.

We just wanted to give everyone a quick update on what this means for the current leagues.

Unless was have greatly misinterpreted the announcement, you can assume that there will be no games in the current leagues until at least November 7th.

We will send a fuller update on the leagues (whether we think they will be finished, postponed or cancelled, playoffs, refunds, credits and all that good stuff) when everyone is back after Thanksgiving weekend. Please do not ask us for specific updates just now, as we don't have any further information at the moment.

Hopefully, this gives you the information that you need just now, and we will be able to answer more of your questions after the weekend,

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone,

Andrew, Chris, Joel and Matt and the Footy Sevens Team

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