Friday Winter Mens @ uOttawa / Immaculata

League Schedule

Schedule Notes - There are no grading games in this league, all teams have been allocated to one of three divisions for the first round of games.

Division A, B & C - There will be 3 rounds of 3 games each for a total of 9 league games. All teams will also play 1 playoff game but only the top team 2 teams will be eligible to win their division.

Round 1. Teams will play 3 league games. At the end of round 1 the top two teams in Div B and C will be promoted to the division above and the bottom 2 teams from Div A and B will be relegated to the division below. Teams will then play 3 games against the teams in their new division in round 2. After another round of promotion and relegation, teams will play round 3 to determine the top two teams to contest the final in each division.

The games for round 1 have been posted below.


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