Sunday Spring Co-Ed 90s @ CU

League Schedule

League Format: All teams play 10 total games

Premier Division - Regular Season 8 Games, June 2nd-July 28th - All teams play each of their division opponents twice and will play 2 of them three times. Playoffs, August 11th and 18th: All teams play 1 playoff games but only the top 2 teams play for the championship.

Division 2,3,4,5,6 - Regular Season 7 games, June 2nd-July 28th - All teams play each of their division opponents once. Playoffs, July 28th to August 18th: All teams play 2 playoff games but only the top 4 teams play for the championship.

All teams have a bye week during the season. There are currently no games on the Canada Day or Civic Holiday weekends.

Sunday 18 August 2019
Division 1
8:00pmSmashville Los GalacticosCarleton Stadium (1)
8:00pmThe Other Team Get Off MatipCarleton Stadium (2)
Division 2
5:00pmWooden Spoon - The David Wreckem’s Shenanigans FCCU Raven Road (3)
5:00pmConsolation Final - The Freeballers Cookie MonstersCarleton Stadium (3)
6:30pmFinal - Flying Dutchmen Off In ChurchCarleton Stadium (1)
6:30pm3rd/4th Playoff - Nick Pics Goal BustersCarleton Stadium (2)
Division 3
5:00pmWooden Spoon - Movati The Wonder BunchCarleton Stadium (1)
5:00pmSemi Final - Striking Jacks new generation A-Salt FCCarleton Stadium (2)
6:30pmConsolation - Game of Throw-Ins Captains CU Raven Road (3)
6:30pmConsolation - Misfits Rhinos FCCarleton Stadium (3)
Division 4
5:00pm3rd/4th Playoff - Rosé All Day NurplesCU Raven Road (1)
8:00pmWooden Spoon - Goal Diggers Just Kick ItCU Raven Road (1)
8:00pmConsolation Final - Ninja Turtles False MadridCU Raven Road (3)
8:00pmFinal - Assistants to the Regional Striker UngovernableCarleton Stadium (3)
Division 5
6:30pmConsolation Final - 99 Problems Green Eggs and HamCU Raven Road (2)
8:00pmWooden Spoon - Smurfs! FC DiazCU Raven Road (2)
9:30pmFinal - OC Hammer FC People United FCCarleton Stadium (1)
9:30pm3rd/4th Playoff - The Limelights Game of Throw-insCarleton Stadium (2)
Division 6
6:30pmWooden Spoon - Segundo volante K.I.O.SCU Raven Road (1)
9:30pmConsolation Final - Northern Narwhals Furious D’sCU Raven Road (1)
9:30pm3rd/4th Playoff - A Swift Kick to the Ball Ray FCCU Raven Road (3)
9:30pmFinal - Red Army Honeybadgers XXIIICarleton Stadium (3)
Sunday 25 August 2019
Division 1
TBDFinal - 1st 2nd TBD
TBDConsolation - 3rd 4th TBD
Division 3
TBDFinal - Semi Final Winner First-Past-the-Post FC TBD
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