Sunday Spring Co-Ed Afternoons @ Immaculata

League Schedule

League Format:

Intermediate (June 2nd-July 28th) - Teams play divisional opponents once and three teams twice. Playoffs (August 11th-August 18th) - All teams will compete for their respective titles.

Recreational (June 2nd-August 11th) - Teams play their divisional opponents once. Playoffs (August 18th) - All teams will play but only the top four teams in the division will compete for the tite.

Sunday 18 August 2019
2:00pmConsolation - St. John's FC Tortugas en FuegoImmaculata (1)
2:00pmConsolation - Mambas FC GreenbacksImmaculata (3)
3:00pmFinal - The Hustling Honeybadgers Team ExcellentImmaculata (1)
2:00pmWooden Spoon - The Kickin' Chickens Run Like the WindedImmaculata (2)
3:00pmSemi-Final 1 - Cleat Sharks FireballImmaculata (2)
3:00pmSemi-Final 2 - Eperviers FC IsotopesImmaculata (3)
4:00pm5th/6th - Deloights A Deloights BImmaculata (1)
4:00pm7th/8th - Check Point Firewalls The Navy StealsImmaculata (2)
4:00pmFinal - Winner Semi-Final 1 Winner Semi-Final 2Immaculata (3)
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