Monday Fall Mens @ BFD

League Schedule

League Format:

Grading Game (October 28th or November 4th):  All teams play a grading game after which teams will be allocated to a division based on skill level.

Regular Season (November 11th - January 27th): Divison A and B All teams play 7 regular-season games. All teams play each of their 5 divisional opponents and will play 2 of them twice. Division C: All teams play 8 regular-season games and play each divisional opponent twice.

Playoffs Division 1 & 2: All teams play 2 playoff or consolation games between January 20th and February 4th but only the top two are eligible to win the title. Division 3: All teams play one playoff game on February 4th but only the top two teams are eligible to win the final.

Monday 27 January 2020
Division 1
11:00pmFinal - Crews Control Goon SquadBen Franklin (2)
11:00pmConsolation - Riverside FC FalconsBen Franklin (3)
Division 2
9:00pmWooden Spoon - AAA Export Aztecas FC - TeamBen Franklin (1)
10:00pmSemi Final - Ottawa Swans St Mary Eagles 2Ben Franklin (1)
10:00pmSemi Final - Globetrotters RangersBen Franklin (2)
Division 3
6:00pmFalcons Goalden Boys Monday Fall Mens @ BFD - ABen Franklin (1)
10:00pmRebels LiverfoolsBen Franklin (3)
Monday 3 February 2020
Division 1
11:00pmFinal - Royal Oak FC Average Joe's Ben Franklin (2)
Division 2
6:00pmConsolation - Loser Semi Final Winner Wooden SpoonBen Franklin (1)
10:00pmFinal - Winner Semi Final Winner Semi FinalBen Franklin (2)
11:00pmConsolation - Loser Semi Final Loser Wooden SpoonBen Franklin (3)
Division 3
9:00pm3rd Place Play-In - 5th 4thBen Franklin (1)
10:00pm3rd place playoff - Play-in Winner 3rdBen Franklin (1)
10:00pmFinal - 1st 2ndBen Franklin (3)
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