Wednesday Summer Coed @ Gloucester

League Schedule

League Format:

Divisions A (Aug 21st-October 30th): All teams play each of their divisional opponents three times. The winner of the division will be crowned champion. Divisions B - (Aug 21st-October 9th) All teams will play their divisional opponents once and two teams twice Playoffs: Division B (Oct 30th) All teams will play but only the top two teams in each division will be eligible to win the championship.

Division C (August 21st-October 2nd) - Teams will play their divisional opponents once and two teams twice. Playoffs (October 9th-October 23rd) - All teams will compete but only the top four teams will be able eligible to win the title.

Wednesday 18 September 2019
Division A
7:30pmAll-Blacks Ottawa WanderersLouis Riel (1)
8:30pmFor Fuchs Sake Sweaty Soccer SkinsHornets Nest (1)
Division B
7:00pmLoad Shirt FC Blue Steel TigersHornets Nest (2)
7:30pmHappy Feet Noxious WeedsLouis Riel (2)
8:30pmFPTP 28 Ottawa Couch Sofas 2Hornets Nest (2)
Division C
7:00pmWednesday Summer Coed @ Gloucester - A Hangover 96Hornets Nest (1)
9:00pmDes Champs United Not Red Anymore Louis Riel (1)
9:00pmYellow Cards Punchkickers XXVIIILouis Riel (2)
Wednesday 25 September 2019
Division A
7:30pmOttawa Wanderers Sweaty Soccer SkinsLouis Riel (3)
9:00pmFor Fuchs Sake All-BlacksLouis Riel (3)
Division B
7:30pmLoad Shirt FC Ottawa Couch Sofas 2Louis Riel (2)
8:30pmBlue Steel Tigers Noxious WeedsHornets Nest (1)
9:00pmHappy Feet FPTP 28Louis Riel (2)
Division C
7:00pmDes Champs United Yellow CardsHornets Nest (1)
7:30pmNot Red Anymore Wednesday Summer Coed @ Gloucester - ALouis Riel (1)
9:00pmHangover 96 Punchkickers XXVIIILouis Riel (1)
Wednesday 2 October 2019
Division A
9:00pmOttawa Wanderers All-BlacksLouis Riel (1)
9:00pmFor Fuchs Sake Sweaty Soccer SkinsLouis Riel (3)
Division B
7:00pmFPTP 28 Ottawa Couch Sofas 2Hornets Nest (1)
7:30pmLoad Shirt FC Noxious WeedsLouis Riel (3)
9:00pmHappy Feet Blue Steel TigersLouis Riel (2)
Division C
7:30pmDes Champs United Hangover 96Louis Riel (1)
7:30pmNot Red Anymore Yellow CardsLouis Riel (2)
8:30pmWednesday Summer Coed @ Gloucester - A Punchkickers XXVIIIHornets Nest (1)
Wednesday 9 October 2019
Division A
7:00pmOttawa Wanderers Sweaty Soccer SkinsHornets Nest (1)
7:30pmAll-Blacks For Fuchs SakeLouis Riel (3)
Division B
8:30pm Hornets Nest (1)
9:00pm Louis Riel (2)
9:00pm Louis Riel (3)
Division C
7:30pm Louis Riel (1)
7:30pm Louis Riel (2)
9:00pm Louis Riel (1)
Wednesday 16 October 2019
Division C
9:00pm Hornets Nest (1)
9:00pm Hornets Nest (2)
9:00pm Hornets Nest (3)
Wednesday 23 October 2019
Division B
9:00pm Hornets Nest (3)
10:30pm Hornets Nest (3)
Wednesday 30 October 2019
Division A
9:00pmAll-Blacks Sweaty Soccer SkinsHornets Nest (2)
9:00pmFor Fuchs Sake Ottawa WanderersHornets Nest (3)
Division B
9:00pm Hornets Nest (1)
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