Monday Summer Mens @ Carleton

League Schedule

League Format:

Division 1 & 3 (August 26-October 7) - Teams will play their divisional opponents once over the course of the season. Playoffs (October 7-October 28) - All teams will compete and be eligible to win the title.

Division 2 (August 26-October 7)- Teams will play their divisional opponents once over the course of the season. Teams will have a double header due to an odd number of teams in the division. Playoffs (October 7-October 28) - All teams will compete but only the top four teams will be eligble to win the title.


Monday 23 September 2019
Group A
6:00pmBrazil International Ottawa Nationals Carleton Stadium (2)
6:00pmKiller Bees FalconsCarleton Stadium (3)
10:00pmGoon Squad Lb + YCarleton Stadium (2)
Group B
7:00pmFC El-Hajj Sequoia ChurchCarleton Stadium (3)
8:00pmRiverside FC No NameCarleton Stadium (1)
9:00pmFC Shobra B2BC Carleton Stadium (1)
Group C
6:00pmLeftover FC OranjeCarleton Stadium (1)
7:00pmEnvari FC Dragons Carleton Stadium (1)
7:00pmRangers Los Campeones FCCarleton Stadium (2)
10:00pmSNAKES FC Sporting IRLCarleton Stadium (3)
Monday 30 September 2019
Group A
6:00pmFalcons Lb + YCarleton Stadium (1)
7:00pmGoon Squad Ottawa Nationals Carleton Stadium (1)
10:00pmKiller Bees Brazil InternationalCarleton Stadium (2)
Group B
7:00pmB2BC Sequoia ChurchCarleton Stadium (2)
8:00pmFC Shobra Riverside FCCarleton Stadium (2)
9:00pmFC Shobra No NameCarleton Stadium (2)
10:00pmFC El-Hajj No NameCarleton Stadium (1)
Group C
6:00pmLos Campeones FC Envari FCCarleton Stadium (2)
8:00pmLeftover FC SNAKES FCCarleton Stadium (1)
9:00pmSporting IRL RangersCarleton Stadium (1)
10:00pmDragons OranjeCarleton Stadium (3)
Monday 7 October 2019
Group A
9:00pmLb + Y Killer BeesCarleton Stadium (1)
10:00pmFalcons Goon SquadCarleton Stadium (1)
10:00pmOttawa Nationals Killer BeesCarleton Stadium (2)
Group B
7:00pm Carleton Stadium (3)
9:00pm Carleton Stadium (3)
10:00pm Carleton Stadium (3)
Group C
7:00pmSporting IRL Los Campeones FCCarleton Stadium (1)
7:00pmDragons SNAKES FCCarleton Stadium (2)
8:00pmEnvari FC OranjeCarleton Stadium (1)
8:00pmLeftover FC Dragons Carleton Stadium (2)
8:00pmSNAKES FC Los Campeones FCCarleton Stadium (3)
9:00pmLeftover FC RangersCarleton Stadium (2)
Monday 21 October 2019
Group A
6:00pm Carleton Stadium (3)
7:00pm Carleton Stadium (2)
9:00pm Carleton Stadium (2)
Group B
8:00pm Carleton Stadium (2)
8:00pm Carleton Stadium (3)
9:00pm Carleton Stadium (3)
Group C
6:00pmOranje Los Campeones FCCarleton Stadium (1)
6:00pmDragons RangersCarleton Stadium (2)
7:00pmLos Campeones FC Leftover FCCarleton Stadium (1)
8:00pmSporting IRL Envari FCCarleton Stadium (1)
9:00pmSporting IRL SNAKES FCCarleton Stadium (1)
Monday 4 November 2019
Monday Summer Mens @ Carleton
TBDSequoia Church No Name TBD
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