Saturday Co-Ed Afternoons @ Immaculata

League Schedule

League Format:

Regular Season: Sep 14th-Oct 26th  All teams play their divisional opponent twice. Playoffs: Nov 2nd All teams play but only the top two teams play for the championship.

Saturday 26 October 2019
Saturday League Division A
3:00pmDominant Sevenths FC VeggieTales: Rick Labelle and the Missing VeggiesImmaculata (1)
4:00pmSaturday Co-Ed Afternoons @ Immaculata - A Saturday Co-Ed Afternoons @ Immaculata - BImmaculata (1)
Saturday 2 November 2019
Saturday League Division A
3:00pmConsolation - 3rd 4thImmaculata (1)
4:00pmFinal - 1st 2ndImmaculata (1)
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