Sunday Fall Mens @ uOttawa

League Schedule

League Format:

Regular Season - Division A & B (Dec 8th - Jan 12th) - Teams will play all of their divisional opponents once. Final standings will determine playoff match-ups. Playoffs (Jan 19th & Feb 9th) - All teams will compete in a two round playoff bracket, but only the top four teams in each division will be eligible to win the title.

*Please note:

  • There will be no games Dec 29th due to our Christmas break.
  • There will be no games on Jan 26th or Feb 2nd.
Sunday 9 February 2020
Division A
5:00pmFinal - Red Devils Legion XVuOttawa Lees (2)
6:00pmConsolation - P.S. G Faim Dirty BirdsuOttawa Lees (2)
6:00pmConsolation - OSG Killer BeesuOttawa Lees (3)
Division B
5:00pmConsolation - Wolf Pack Football Club How Spicy?uOttawa Lees (1)
5:00pmFinal - Pick-Up Allstars Sunday Fall Mens @ uOttawa - AuOttawa Lees (3)
6:00pmConsolation - Plastic Sizzle Foreign Athletic ClubuOttawa Lees (1)
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