Monday Winter Coed @ Sooners Megadome

League Schedule

League Format - Updated January 24th

Divisions 1 and 2: Regular Season Phase 1 (5 games, November 8th to December 13th) - All teams will play 5 regular-season games. At the end of this part of the season, the top 4 teams in Division 1 go to Division A for the remainder of the schedule, the bottom 2 teams in Division 1 and the top two teams in Division 2 will go to Division B, and the bottom 4 teams on Division 2 will go to Division 3.

Regular Season Phase 2 (3 games, December 13th to January 31st): Each team will play their three divisional opponents once.

Playoffs (1 Game, February 7th): The top two teams from each division will play for the divisional title, the bottom two teams for the wooden spoon.

*Teams may have a bye week over the course of the season and some teams may have a doubleheader in February due to the January shutdown.

*There will be no games on December 27th for the Holiday Break.

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