Wednesday Winter Co-Ed @ uOttawa

League Schedule

League Format:

Update Jan 31, 2022: The schedules have been updated to take into account the shutdown. All teams play the same number of games as planned, but the end date for the league is now March 30th.

Regular Season: Division 1-2 (December 1st - March 9th/16th) - Teams play 7 games against their divisional opponents. Division 3-5 (December 1st-January 26) - Teams play 7 games against divisional their divisional opponents.

All teams have a bye week at some point during the regular season, a few teams may have two.

Playoffs: Division 1-5 (March 16th/23rd -March 30th) - All teams will compete but only the top four teams will be eligible to win the title. Playoff matchups will be published once the regular season finishes.

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