Monday Summer 2023 EMS League

League Schedule

League Format:

Regular Season Pt. 1 (May 15-July 24) - Teams will play their 11 divisional opponents once. 

Regular Season Pt. 2 (August 14th-September 25 ) - The league will split into two 6 team divisions. At the conclusion of Pt. 1, the top 6 teams will form Division 1 and the bottom 6 teams will form Division 2. Teams will play their opponents once and one team twice. 

Playoffs (October 2 - October 16th) - All teams will compete but only the top 4 will be eligible to win their respective titles.

Inter-League Tournament (August 7th) - All teams will compete.  Each team will be allocated to one of four groups. The top team in each group will advance to the semi-finals, while the second place team in each group will play for the consolation title. 

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