Tuesday Spring Mens Champions League Tournament @ Immaculata

League Schedule

League Format:

  • Advanced Division [Group Stage]  (April 9th - May 7th) - Teams will play all of their divisional opponents once. Playoffs (May 14th) - All teams will compete but only the top 4 will be able to win the title.
  • Intermediate Division [Group Stage] (April 9th - 23rd) - Teams will play three group stage games against cross divisional rivals (Group A vs. Group B & Group C vs. Group D). Playoffs (April 30th - May14th) The top 2 teams in each group will compete for the title and will receive 3 knock-out round games. Quarter Finals, Championship or Consolation Semi Final, and a Final or Consolation game. The 3rd place team in each Int. group will enter into the Consolation group (Europa League) and play 3 games. The top two teams in this group will play for the Consolation Title.
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