Sunday Winter Co-Ed @ uOttawa


Division 1A DFB
Division 4 - Female Golden Boot isabelle Ceillier Soccer Soulmates
Division 2 - Male Golden Boot ben bruhlman Liquorpool FC
Division 4A All Blacks
Division 1A - Female Golden Boot Martine Blais Flying Dutchmen
Division 4 - Male Golden Boot Alessandro Ferrante All Blacks
Division 2 Liquorpool FC
Division 1B - Female Golden Boot Mimi Lemay Assistants to the Regional Striker
Division 3 - Male Golden Boot de Lobe Lederman Dirty Mike & The Boys
Division 3 Chardonnay All Day
Division 3 - Male Golden Boot Rabieh Rahal Fast and Furious
Division 5 Captains
Division 5 - Male Golden Boot Ikay Alex Honeybadgers 31
Division 1 - Male Golden Boot Nathan Gawargy ST. MARY'S EAGLES
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