Sunday Fall Coed 90s @ Immaculata & RA Centre


Playoff Champion - Div 1 Los Galacticos
Leading Scorer Div 1 Alex Blades Get Off Matip
Leading Scorer Div 4 Thierry Ysm Chaos United
Playoff Champion Div 2 Flying Dutchmen
Female Leading Scorer Div 2 Adriana Palmer Liquorpool FC
Leading Scorer Div 2 ben bruhlman Liquorpool FC
Playoff Champion Div 3 The Other Team
Leading Female Scorer Div 5 Liz Landry Cleat Sharks
Leading Scorer Div 1 Trevor Blackwell Honeybadgers XXXIV (Fall)
Playoff Champion Div 4 Chaos United
Leading Female Scorer Div 4 Chantal Gudbranson Chaos United
Leading Scorer Div 5 Daniel Tucker-Simmons Tigerhawks
Playoff Champion Div 5 TBD
Leading Female Scorer Div 3 Neetesha Patel The Reds
Leading Scorer Div 6 nick chevrier Rosa’s Angels
Playoff Champion Div 6 The Hooligans
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