Sunday Winter Co-Ed @ uOttawa


Leading Scorer Div 4 Daniel Tucker-Simmons Back Post Malone
Leading Female Scorer Div 5 Stacey Boyce Sunday Winter Co-Ed @ uOttawa - Individual Team C
Playoff Champions Div 3 YEAH DUDE YEAH
Playoff Champions Div DFB
Leading Female Scorer Div 4 Jennifer Pellerin Green Eggs & Ham
Playoff Champions Div 4 Dirty birds
Leading Scorer Div 1 Joey Rossi Nuts and cleavage
Leading Female Scorer Div 3 Kristie Bothwell Game of Throw-ins
Playoff Champions Div 5 Sunday Winter Co-Ed @ uOttawa - Individual Team C
Leading Female Scorer Div 1 Claire de Jeu ST. MARY'S EAGLES
Leading Scorer Div 3 Drea Federico Super Dolphins
Leading Scorer Div 2 Trevor Blackwell Honeybadgers
Leading Scorer Div 5 Joshua Bodoni Unathletico Ottawa FC ⚽
Leading Female Scorer Div 2 Adriana Palmer Liquorpool FC
Playoff Champions Div 2 Liquorpool FC
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