Tuesday Summer Co-Ed @ Immaculata, uOttawa & The RA Centre


Playoff Champions Div 4 A Swift Kick to the Ball
Leading Female Scorer Div 4 Ramona Beck A Swift Kick to the Ball
Leading Scorer Div 1 Brian Humphries Dirty Birds FC
Playoff Champions Div 5 Ottawa Wanderers
Leading Female Scorer Div 1 Taissa Cronin Timbits FC
Leading Scorer Div 5 David Lark OGM United
Playoff Champions Div 6 GATORS F.C.
Playoff Champions Div 1 Dirty Birds FC
Leading Female Scorer Div 3 Alison Bijman Goal Seekers
Leading Scorer Div 6 Mitchell Egan Unreal Madrid
Playoff Champions Div 2 Bam Bam Bigelow
Leading Female Scorer Div 6 Amy Mockus Crash & Burn
Leading Scorer Div 3 Jean-Thomas Clement Hanngover 96
Playoff Champions Div 3 Hanngover 96
Leading Female Scorer Div 5 Paige Waldock Brooklyn 99
Leading Scorer Div 1 Sam Mennier Relegation FC
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