Thursday Summer Co-Ed @ Immaculata, uOttawa & The RA Centre


Leading Female Scorer Rec A Abby Field A Hot Messi
Leading Scorer Div 1 Sam Robert Love Muffins
Playoff Champions Div 1 Love Muffins
Leading Female Scorer Div 3 Jordan Lavalee Kicking and Screaming
Playoff Champions Div 2 Elijah Mudde King Felipe's Regal Canaries
Playoff Champions Div 2 Scrambled Legs
Leading Female Scorer Div 2 Megan Barrett King Felipe's Regal Canaries
Leading Scorer Div 3 Brendan Baumken Gladstoners
Playoff Champions Div 2 New Boot Goofers
Leading Female Scorer Div 1 Kayla Davis Love Muffins
Leading Scorer Div 4 Julian Avila The Other Guys
Playoff Champions Div 4 Thunder Thighs
Leading Female Scorer Div 4 Kyra Colbert The Other Guys
Leading Scorer Rec A Armand Robinson A Hot Messi
Playoff Champions Rec A A Hot Messi
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