Tuesday Early Fall Co-Ed @ Immaculata, uOttawa & The RA Centre


Leading Female Scorer Div 2 Christina Papoulias Sklithro FC
Leading Scorer Div 4 Rei Fortuzi See You Next Tuesday
Playoff Champions Div 2 Kicking them softly
Leading Scorer Div 1 Ciaran Mullan-Boudreau Miscellaneous
Playoff Champions Div 3 C U Next Tuesdays
Leading Female Scorer Div 3 Mila Stevanovic C U Next Tuesdays
Playoff Champions Div 4 The Best D
Leading Female Scorer Div 1 Anna Satterthwaite Dirty Birds FC
Leading Scorer Div 2 Elias Papoulias Sklithro FC
Leading Female Scorer Div 4 Julia M See You Next Tuesday
Leading Scorer Div 3 Yuriy Maystruk Goal Seekers
Playoff Champions Div 1 Dirty Birds FC
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