Frequently Asked Questions - COVID-19



Are the winter leagues cancelled?

Yes, the leagues have been suspended since March 13th and as of April 30th, we are cancelling the remaining games and issuing credits or refunds for any games that we could not complete.


How do we know how much we have been credited for?

We will email each captain with their credit amount, instructions of what to do next and to let them know we are starting the process for their league. We will be starting the credit process in the first week of May and working through each league one by one.


Will refunds be issued if we are unable to apply our credit to a future league?

Yes. Many other companies and organisations are only offering credits, but we want to make sure that refunds are available to teams that are in financial distress. However, if it is financially possible for you, and you are going to play with us in the future, rolling any winter season credit into a future season would really help us out at this time.  Like thousands of other business and organisations large and small, we saw our income drop to zero in the space of 24 hours. Being able to move as many payments from winter to spring in this scenario will be vital for our leagues and our company.


How do I request a refund rather than a credit?

E-mail us at to let us know your preference.   


Is there an advantage to applying my balance as a credit rather than taking a refund and then registering later?

100% yes. If we have to reduce the capacity of any league or stagger the start dates if facilities re-open at different times or there are limits to how many players/teams can be at a venue at a time, the priority will be given to the teams that have rolled their winter season credit over to a spring league (or had already paid in full when registration opened in March). Basically, those that are able to roll over their winter credit will be the first to get back on the field!



What happens if I registered as an individual?

It will be much the same process as team credits, with a pro-rated credit (or a refund if you need it). We will contact the players that signed up to jin as individual once we have processed the majority of the team payments.


How quickly will our credits, refunds, team or individual payments be processed?

We are into completely unchartered territory here: we've never had to do anything close to this number of credits/refunds in the past. We will work through it as quickly as possible, but it is essential that we work through everything in a linear and methodically manner. We will process things in roughly this order:

  • Teams rolling their credit into a future season
  • Individual players rollings their credit into a future season
  • Teams and players requiring refunds rather than credits

We can't give you an honest answer as to how long this will take, but our best guess is that it will take most of May to work our way through all of the teams and individuals. Thank you for your patience in bearing with us while we work through it. 


What happens if I apply a credit to a league and you make a change and it isn't suitable any more?

We know it is a bit of a leap of faith just now, but you can register or apply a credit with confidence. If the league doesn't suit you once we have concrete information on start dates and season length etc. you will be able to change or withdraw before the league starts.


When will the spring leagues start?

Well . . .um . . . let's face it, your guess is as good as ours. For now, we have moved the start dates to the first week of June. Obviously it could be later than this. Nothing will happen until Ottawa Public Health confirm that it is safe and reasonable to resume sporting activities.  


What happens if my credit is more than my spring league fee?

Any remaining credit will be applied to your personal account for use in future leagues.

How did you calculate the prorated refund?

Generally, it is the cost of the league divided by the percentage of games that your team lost after March 13th. For individuals, we have to deduct the cost of the shirt before doing the calculation and for leagues that are a combination of indoor and outdoor games (mainly the Lees Dome/Immaculata HS combination leagues), we have to value the indoor games played at slightly above the cost of the "future" outdoor games due to the huge difference in cost between indoor field time and outdoor field time. We have used the average cost of the fall league games (all indoor) to calculate the cost of the indoor games played so far this season.


Can I split our team fee between keeping some as credit and some to refund players in my team that really need it?

Of course, as we said, we know it won't be one-size-fits-all. We are extremely thankful for anyone that can leave their fee on credit with us, but let us know what you want to do with your credit and we will follow your instructions.


Is the field and track at Immaculata available to use at the moment? ?

100% NO! Like the other fields, facilities and parks in the city, it has been closed until further notice to help to stop the spread of COVID-19, We are all desperate to be out playing and exercising again, but please respect the measures and help to plank the curve.

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